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Ever wonder what the inside of a Micro Brewery looks like?  According to loyal customers, Gallagher’s “Where-U-Brew“, one of only two brew-on-premise establishments in the state of Washington, is akin to the television series Cheers (where everybody knows your name), so of course we had to See Inside for ourselves. With their own “Mug Club”, described on Gallagher’s website as a “loose knit group of folks who brew beer and wine together,” selling Google Business Photo’s to give the rest of us a 360 degree look inside might be a challenge.

For someone other than Jennifer Durham, Trusted Google Photographer, that is.

Jennifer arrived at Gallagher’s in the middle of a beautiful Pacific Northwest day where there was a group working ~ and laughing ~ together brewing their own beer; a couple sitting comfortably in the newly completed Wine Tasting Room; several folks milling around the well sampling Gallagher’s specials on tap; people chatting about their latest experiment with a new lager or wine crafting technique…. and then there was Dennis.

Dennis is the Gallagher in Gallagher’s Where-U-Brew, and has provided the public with a vehicle for brewing their own beer, wine, and cider, as well as serving the tastiest Root Beer you could imagine, since 1995. His vision of a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which friends come together to appreciate the superior robust flavor of personally brewed beer helped him expand his Edmonds location in 2011, with many of his regulars assisting in the building of the new brewery just around the corner from the Marina and the Edmonds-Kingston ferry.

When Dennis agreed to a Google Business Photo shoot with Jennifer, she decided to truly capture the essence of the brewery she should take part in the process – an operation that takes two visits spanning over a minimum of two weeks, depending on the type of brew you were creating . Suffice to say, she had a blast! She also made several new friends, brewed her own quality beer for less than store-bought, and has plenty of liquid refreshment to serve as we march head on into BBQ season. Even I have to admit it sounds like a unique and fun experience, and I don’t even like beer. See Inside Gallagher’s for yourself.



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