See Inside: PNW is now participating in Google’s new Views program. This program is similar to Google Business Views in most ways, but it has less restrictions. Because of the fewer restrictions, we can now offer 360 degree virtual tour panoramic imagery to business who were unable to participate before due to space or price restrictions. Here are some comparisons:

Google Views


Google BUSINESS Views


Google (Street) Views for Businesses -- FeaturesStandardOptimized
Published onto Google Maps/ViewsYesYes
Can be embedded on websites and social mediaYesYes
Strict guidelines for how to photograph the space that increase priceNoYes
"See Inside" Icon on +Local pageNoYes
Enhance your presence in a Google searchPossiblyProbably
Viewer analytics availableYesNo
Can be used with overlay software for extra embedding featuresYesYes
Ability to add, change, remove single viewpoints in a tour at any timeYesPossible with extra fees and time
Ability to edit imagery prior to publishingYesNo
Minimum number of Viewpoints requiredNoYes (4)
Views must be adjacentNoYes
Includes mandatory 10 still photographsNoYes



A viewpoint (pano) is a single placement of the tripod and the capture of 360 degree panoramic imagery at that spot.

Annual Fee:

  1. Each viewpoint is $10 per month with a 12 month term required.
  2. Additional Viewpoints can be added at anytime in the future
  3. First payment is due to the photographer at the photo shoot.
  4. Copyright/usage is for one year: View(s) will be deleted from Google after one year unless renewed annually.

Payment: A discount of 15% is available if the full annual amount is paid in advance by credit card. A 20% discount is available if advance payment is made by check rather than credit card.

Scheduled Photo Shoots: If Photographer arrives at the scheduled shoot and the client is not prepared for the shoot, cancels, or postpones the shoot at that time, client business agrees to pay a $75 cancellation fee plus .56 per mile port-to-port.

Google Search & +Local Page Enhancement/Optimization Add-on: You may choose to add a “See Inside” thumbnail image link to your Google 360 View Virtual Tour. This link would display on your Google +Local Page and also may appear in your Google Search listing. Choosing this option may add 200% or more additional cost to your project. The actual additional amount for this will be determined after an on-site inspection.


  • Viewpoints may be placed wherever you would like them. There are no spacing or mandatory inclusions required.
  • You may have a few as a single viewpoint or multiple views.
  • We can add, edit, change, update or remove single viewpoints to a published Views tour at any time.
  • Views provides the ability to see the number of public views each viewpoint in your tours receives.
  • Viewpoints may be placed in, and connected to multiple buildings.
  • Sometimes can be connected to Street View.
  • Able to do minor editing to images prior to publishing
  • Annual renewal entitles you to a re-shoot of existing viewpoints, or add the same number of viewpoints to the existing tour. Non-renewal will result in your tour being removed from Google Maps, which will also remove it from all other places it is displayed.
  • All Views tours are subject to Google’s terms and conditions found here:  See Inside: PNW is a Google certified photography business, and follows all Google standards and protocols for publishing your Views tour.